Mail Bag #12

Hey friends! It’s been a rough month here at Yes Homo headquarters, plagued by illness both mental and viral. The resulting lapse in updates sucks, but fortunately for you, it’s coming to a close! I’ll be back this Sunday on schedule with a new review. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the reader mail I’ve been neglecting over the course of this miserable winter.

mikayi writes:

I wanted to know what you think of this?

I came across this comic while looking through a list of Asexual comics, and it just doesn’t feel right, none of the characters seem remotely part of the lgbt community…I mean, the author likes putting them in effeminate clothing sometimes, but it feels more like they’re doing it because it’s “cute” and not because the characters are trans, or at least the author doesn’t know how to write lgbt characters. Its not bad or offensive as far as I can tell, but I wanted to know your opinion.

I actually read this comic a while ago, but it didn’t grab me so I never kept up with it. Like you said, it’s not bad or offensive. I’m not sure what else you’re hoping I’ll say!

Mark Farinas writes:

Star Trek the Web Comic

Hi, I caught some traffic off of this site and came to investigate. I’m really glad you like the comic. I’ve been enjoying your reviews and the criteria you use to judge them. Because of that I’m really interested in hearing what you say you don’t like, discussing it, and dealing with it if possible. I’ll keep a look out. Mark

Hey, Mark, thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to putting together a Star Trek review, and I hope you’ll find it useful, and maybe even catch some more traffic.

Geostationary writes:

game rec

I forgot that you did game reviews; We Know The Devil is a visual novel that came out a few months ago about queer kids at a religious camp meeting/fighting the devil; the writer is a trans game critic and the game itself is a beautiful piece of writing and work. Best of all, it takes only a few hours tops to get through all four endings. It’s provoked some really excellent conversations about queerness, relationships, and external and internal social pressures in my friend circle, and I’m curious to see what you take from it.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh, yes. We Know The Devil is a game I both desperately want to play and dread the thought of playing. It will definitely happen at some point, but it’s going to have to wait until my mental health is a bit stronger so I can deal with some of the elements of it I’ve been advised of.

Mads writes:

Misadventures of Mackerel Minnow?

Its about a pansexual pirate merman. Not sure how I feel about it. Its still new, I guess…

It’s got a goofy name but sure, what the heck, I’ll try anything once.

Jassy writes:

Our Webcomic

Hello there! My name is Jassy and I’m one half of the artist team “Tentakelgottheit”. You might have recently come across the other half, Phie Kaldinski, who you recommented your reviews to. I read a bit into them and think you might be interested in our project as well. We started our webcomic “Strayer” in October 2013 on Smackjeeves, but since then we wandered off to Tapastic. It’s a modern fantasy-mystery adventure about a man named Cortéz Velasquez, who lives in Port Arbores, a south-english city that is standing on the edge of the abyss – which is why creatures of all kinds roam this place. It’s his duty as the “Strayer” to reenforce the city’s contract, that everyone in the city has to live by in order to keep the harmony between humans and creatures. However this doesn’t prove to be easy, since he is just a mere human himself… We think one of our comic’s stengths is its diverse cast in regards to race, gender and sexuality, which we are trying to slowly introduce to our readers. If you are interested in looking into the comic, we are featured on Tapastic and (in German) Animexx. I hope my message didn’t bother you and that you have a nice day! ~Jassy

Hey Jassy, sorry it took so long to post this! I’ve been reading Strayer for like a month now and I gotta say, I’m pretty into it! Keep up the good work.

Arright, let’s call it there. I’ll answer the rest of my messages tomorrow in Mail Bag #13. Thanks, as ever, for reading.




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  1. Good lord, someone linked to that thing?! (referring to mikayi’s message) I’m so sorry, I was hoping you would never have to see mention of my comic again after I asked for a critique that one time.

    Keep up the awesome work, btw!

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