The Trans Reveal

One of the terrific things about the webcomic renaissance of the past five or so years is that more and more stories are being told that include trans characters as central players. But it seems like writers, lacking good examples to follow in other media, still have some difficulty handling their transness within the narrative. Today I’m going to examine some different webcomics with trans representation, the different approaches they use to reveal to the audience that a character is trans, and what the best (and worst) applications of each method are.

Mail Bag #12

Hey friends! It’s been a rough month here at Yes Homo headquarters, plagued by illness both mental and viral. The resulting lapse in updates sucks, but fortunately for you, it’s coming to a close! I’ll be back this Sunday on schedule with a new review. In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the reader mail I’ve been neglecting over the course of this miserable winter.



Many, many hands are wrung all the time about the dearth of original ideas in the world, and how to create something new. Sometimes the answer lies in simply combining elements from existing genres – supernatural detectives, alien spies, pop witches. And while the results of these mashups can be a lot of fun and, yes, original, sometimes a better route is to take an existing genre and subtract things from it.