Mail Bag #13

Here’s the rest of the reader messages I accumulated in the past couple months. 

Kat writes:

Comic to review

I’d love it if you found time to read + review my comic. I didn’t see a more official form for review requests, so I hope this is the right place! Thanks for your time either way. Been enjoying your reviews a lot! 

Hey Kat, you found the right place! I’ll check out your comic – you’re not the first person to bring it to my attention.

Aero Zero writes:

m/m poly NSFW webcomic recs

Here’s two monster + men fantasy action adventure romance / smut comics I think you should look at: Colorful art, fun stories. They’re both very NSFW but portray healthy open relationships while having two very different plots whose conflicts don’t always center around their relationships. Both strive to actively avoid yaoi tropes, and occasionally poke fun at them. Sometimes humorous and heartwarming, and although both have to do with monsters, they’re not at all the same story. They’re very porny, but there are two different plots about acceptance and transformation underneath the NSFW scenes. Check them out if you have some time.

Hey, I actually used to read your comics a while back and I can’t for the life of me remember why I lost track of them. They’re fun! I’ll definitely pick them back up, thanks for reminding me they exist.

That’s our mail bag! Please keep sending me messages, I promise I’ll post them in a timely fashion from now on.


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