“Anxiety and Skirts” – an interview with Valerie Halla

Two years ago I had never heard of Valerie Halla; now she seems to be everywhere. Whether it’s with her established original comics work, her assistance with other artists’ comics, or her weighing in on trans community issues on Twitter, her impact on the world of webcomics is undeniable, and with the release of her brand new action comic Goodbye to Halos, it’s only growing. I talked with her about her new work and old, her hopes for the future, and the secret to her success.

Octopus Pie


I admit it: I don’t really “get” New York City. I’ve been there of course, visiting friends, etc. I’ve seen the Met, the village, the park, the restaurants, the bridges, the endless highway gridlock, the claustrophobic streets, the inescapable smells… you know, the whole experience. And I didn’t really like it! Maybe I’m a country critter at heart, but even other cities I’ve seen and lived in have never felt so fundamentally alienating as New York.

Ozzie the Vampire


I was never much of a metalhead. I mean sure, in high school I listened to the same antisocial noise as every other disaffected youth in those days – NIN, Godsmack, Kittie, etc. – but I never had any goddamn taste about it, and I certainly never got into the, shall we say, scene. And given the fact that, in hindsight, that particular scene is pretty hostile to women and people of color, I was always glad I dodged that particular bullet.

Life is Strange


If you’ve read my review of DAR, you know that I get super angry when people like things that I hate. Ever since Life is Strange released its fifth and final chapter on October 20, I’ve been suffering an increasing number of people praising it – for its story, for its characters, and even for its “deep” “meaningful” ending. Needless to say, I’m… a tad irritated.