Mail Bag #2, and some updates

Hey folks, it’s been another week and there’s more reader messages to post. I’ll get to that in a second, though; first I want to draw your attention to my snazzy new comics list, which now displays the letter grade I’ve given a comic (if I’ve reviewed it). Should be easier to skim for what you’re looking for now, not to mention adding a much-needed splash of color. Next I’m thinking about making a kind of leaderboard, listing every comic I’ve reviewed from best to worst. Hopefully that’ll be rolling out next week!

Agents of the Realm


What kind of comics do I like? Well, like most people, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to read a sweeping spacefaring odyssey, while other times I’d rather read about fantastical politics and secrets or darkly humorous supernatural dramas. But sometimes? Sometimes I just want to have some fun.

White Noise


Here’s an unexhaustive list of things that I love: monsters, shapeshifting monsters, queer trans monsters, monster uprisings, found families, inter-universal travel, complex political dramas. White Noise is a comic that has all of these things. So, the question goes, why don’t I love it?



Not many people know this, but I used to have a webcomic of my own. It probably goes without saying that it was awful. One of the things I tried, and miserably failed, to do with this never-to-be-named comic was shade with brush pens, a technique I had seen other, better artists pull off with gorgeous results.