Kicking off Yes Homo

Are you a queer who wants to read stories about queers? Are you sick of relying on “Best LGBT Movies/Comics/Books/Etc.” lists that only seem to include stories about white middle class gay angst? Are you a gay scifi/fantasy fan who wants to see yourself represented in genre fiction? Are you a trans person who wants to see, like, any sympathetic portrayal of trans characters, at all?

Me too. Welcome to Yes Homo.

Unlike most mainstream fiction, the world of webcomics has a wide variety of queer and trans stories that – gasp -aren’t specifically and only about being queer or trans. But webcomics are also largely ignored by media critics and best-of lists. Not only that, but many webcomics are just atrocious, filled with harmful tropes and hurtful stereotypes. Webcomics are largely uncharted waters, and I’d like to change that.

Yes Homo will update with a new review every Sunday, but during this first week, I’ll be posting a new review every day. Check back regularly for new content!

A note on tags: I mark each review with some basic genre tags, a queer content tag (yes homo, some homo, no homo etc.), and tags for each day of the week that the comic updates. You can use these tags to find comics that you’re interested in. But if I give a comic an F, I only tag it with “failing grade”, because I’d rather it not show up in my other tags. Reviews are tagged “webcomic reviews” and news posts like this one are tagged “site news” so that if you’re looking for one you can easily filter out the other.

If you’re a webcomic artist who wants me to review your comic, or just someone who thinks I need more webcomics to read (I don’t) (that’s a lie I do), drop me a line with my contact form. You can read more about me and Yes Homo on the about page. And of course you can always scrutinize my reading choices under What I Read.

Have a look around, and check back every Sunday. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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