Demon Street

A comic by Aliza Layne

Usually I like to have some kind of cute lead-in with these but not this time. Demon Street rules. It’s awesome and I get gleefully excited whenever it updates and that’s all there is to say.

Ok, ok, I guess I can stretch this out a bit. If you insist.

When a weird and colorful otherworld briefly overlapped our world, people around the planet were sucked into it, never to be seen again. But one gateway to that realm remains, a city street now barricaded by neighbors doing their best to ignore its existence. When a boy named Septimus climbs over that barricade, he finds a world stranger than he could have imagined, full of demons both nefarious and helpful. He also finds a girl from his world, the formidable Raina, who’s searching for her lost family. Together they set off, fighting monsters, hanging out with Raina’s friends, and encountering sinister mysteries.

Everything is going great until Sep gets his name stolen.

I will protect Norn Misra with my little genderqueer life.
I will protect Norn Misra with my little genderqueer life.

What’s great about this comic? Cool weird monsters, rad cute interesting humans (including a nonbinary character, squeal), supremely endearing facial expressions, baby gays, a gripping plot with perfect pacing, do you need me to go on?

Raina/Kate is totally going to happen.
Raina/Kate is totally going to happen.

The only criticism I have of Demon Street is that it feels like we don’t know the characters very well yet. Raina’s searching for her family, but who are they? What about Sep’s family, for that matter? How did Raina meet Kate, Norn, and Celine? How did Norn come to Demon Street? But the comic is a fairly new one, and while the archives are deep enough to sink an hour or two, there’s still plenty of time to answer these questions.

Final verdict: Come for the baby gays and racially diverse cast, stay for the intriguing story and cool weird monsters and magic, and most importantly, have fun.

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