I know, I know, the word that webcomics readers hate most. You’ve probably noticed that this week’s update is three days late by now.

The truth is that my mental health has taken a dive in the last few days, and I’m going to need some time to get myself back together. Yes Homo has been a source of great joy for me these past months, but also, at times, incredible stress. I’ve realized that I need to take a short break from it to minimize the stressors in my life right now.

Obviously I can’t foresee how things will go, but I don’t imagine this hiatus will be very long – look for new reviews sometime in October, probably.

Thanks for your understanding, and thanks always for reading.

4 comments on “Hiatus

  1. Oh jeez, I hope you feel better soon! Take as long as you need to recuperate and get things sorted out, and we’ll look forward to your return. In the mean time, enjoy your break from yeshomo. 🙂

  2. Your website is great! Even fun things can be ridiculously stressful when stuff like deadlines or analysis is involved to put out there for people to read, so it’s totally understandable that taking a break from reviews is a good option. Besides, it gives us more time to catch up on all the comics you’ve reviewed… 😀 Hope you feel better soon!

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