Back from the dead

Yes Homo is back! I’ve got a couple big announcements for y’all, too: in addition to returning from hiatus, I’m adding a new section to the site for video game reviews, AND, in the spirit of Halloween, I’ll be kicking off Dead Comics Week on Monday!

“Game reviews whaaaaaat?” you ask. That’s not a question! “Game reviewing is completely oversaturated.” True, if you mean oversaturated with assholes. My goal with my game reviews is the same as my goal with webcomic reviews: connecting readers/players with creators that would otherwise miss each other.

So for some reason I decided that my first review should be of a game that everyone already knows about and you’ve probably already played: Undertale.

Webcomics are my first and primary love, because of the revolutionary shifts in positive representation happening there, but indie games are starting to catch up, and I want to expand my focus a bit to capture that! Yes Homo will keep updating on Sundays, but occasionally that update will be a game review instead of a comic review.

As for Dead Comics Week, I’m excited to do my first theme week! I’ve read a lot of comics over the years that just… stopped updating, abandoned by their creators. These dead comics still linger on the web, though, and now’s the time of year we remember these lost souls. Expect a new review every day until Halloween, probably!

That’s all for now, glad to be back, thanks for reading!

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