New Patreon!

Hey friends, just a quick update about how you can support me if you want to!

2018 is the year I redouble my efforts to make things that I love, and one of those things is, of course, Yes Homo. When I started this blog, it was just a way to encourage myself to write every week, using a topic I knew I would never run out of enthusiasm for: webcomics! But it’s grown to be something much more dear to my heart. My reviews are longer, more in-depth, and more interconnected, and I’ve branched out into writing resources for creators and charting the history of the medium. I’m like… kind of a journalist? Maybe? Sort of?

So I made a Patreon account. If you want to support the work that I’m doing here, I’m incredibly grateful. Reader donations will mean that I can dedicate more time and energy to Yes Homo, making it bigger and better, richer and deeper, and helping ensure I can keep doing it in 2019, 2020, and onward.

I don’t have bonus content or perks to offer patrons, and none of my work will ever be paywalled. But if you’ve wanted to give in the past and been unable to, as I know a few people have, now there’s an option!

In the coming year, Yes Homo is going to be better than ever. Please look forward to it!

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