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That’s our first week, folks! From now on, I’ll be posting a new review every Sunday. Subscribe to the RSS feed and never miss an update.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been getting some messages from readers! I love this. Here’s what they say!

shaz writes:


Epic fantasy comic that the creators say is the first book in a trilogy, has strong POC/femchar content (and a bit queer, although maybe not enough – the only romantic relationship so far is straight and the only character who is gay appears to be closeted – but on the other hand, it’s a big action adventure story, and maybe Big Action Heroes who are gay and that’s just who they are is cool? I can go either way on that), and it’s got great art and writing and worldbuilding.

I feel you, shaz; I can go either way on that, too. There are ways that a writer can handle a closeted character that are positive and nuanced, and there are ways that play into harmful stereotypes. I’ll have to see how they play it!

Hannah writes:

Stand Still. Stay Silent.

I regard the fact that this webcomic isn’t on your “what I read” list as nothing short of a tragedy. It’s one of the most interesting, beautiful, well drawn webcomics I’ve come across, and I have a webcomics bookmark folder almost as long as your list. Give it a read, and maybe a review! I’d love to read your take on it.

Thanks for the recommendation, Hannah. I tried reading SSSS a while ago and couldn’t get past the prologue, but I’ll definitely give it another try.

I love this! Thanks to my attentive and attractive readers! I’ve added both these comics to my list, and I’m working on reviews for them.

Do you have a comic you think I should be reading? Do you wish I would change that one irritating thing about my site? Are you overwhelmed by my wit and erudition and need to tell me so? Got a million-dollar book contract for me? Direct all of these things to my contact form! Seriously, I love it, keep em coming.

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