Mail Bag #6

I love my readers! I love y’all. The fact that you take the time to read the words I type means a lot to me, definitely, but it’s not just that. We have so much in common! The fact that you come here means that you must be looking for the same thing I am: better queer and trans representation. So if I can help you find that, well, that’s something that warms my heart.


Greg writes:

You are so Awesome!

Hi! I came across your site last night and have just been reading the whole thing. I love your reviews and critiques about webcomics. You really made me think about Strong Female Protagonist in ways I hadn’t before (as a queer person, how did not I notice they did aweful things to all the queer people? What is wrong with me?!) You do such good work! Thank you so much! I can’t wait till I get a bit more length into my webcomic (my first one ever!) so I can maybe submit, because it would be really helpful to get your feedback. Thanks for what you do, your awesome! -Greg

Oh my god oh my god. Getting this message totally made my day. YOU are awesome, Greg, and I’ll definitely take a look at your comic sometime.


caesar writes:

fan mail

oh just want to thank you for how good the webcomics list is, possibly the best out there if you are looking for queen webcomics

Thank you!! I’m really proud of how the list came out, and I’m really glad it’s helping people find what they’re looking for!


Devin writes:

Webcomic to recommend

Hello. I’ve just started following you on Twitter, but I’ve read some of your criticism and have begun treating your “What I Read” section as a near-inexhaustible resource to lead me to other comics I would like to read. There is one webcomic I read regularly that I noticed you are not reading, though, and I would like to recommend it. “Muddler’s Beat” by Tony Breed is a continuation of his comic “Finn and Charlie Are Hitched” which ended in 2014. I recently posted about “Hitched” on my blog and would definitely recommend both. Thank you again for such great work! I look forward to catching up with your archives. Muddler’s Beat: My post about “Hitched”: My Twitter handle: @devinagonistes

Cool! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a look. Readers, if you like my blog, you might also enjoy Devin’s work!

That’s it for this week, but I definitely wouldn’t object to more fan mail in the future! Take care, friends.

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