Mail Bag #2, and some updates

Hey folks, it’s been another week and there’s more reader messages to post. I’ll get to that in a second, though; first I want to draw your attention to my snazzy new comics list, which now displays the letter grade I’ve given a comic (if I’ve reviewed it). Should be easier to skim for what you’re looking for now, not to mention adding a much-needed splash of color. Next I’m thinking about making a kind of leaderboard, listing every comic I’ve reviewed from best to worst. Hopefully that’ll be rolling out next week!

Now let’s read some stuff people have sent me:

She who must not be named (Kate) writes:

One-Hit-KnockOut! One-Hit-KnockOut is hilarious, that’s all I’m going to say here, I’ll leave the judging to you!

Thanks for the tip, Kate. Judge it I shall.

vancho1 writes:

Comics recommendations

Hello there! I found your website through Miamaska, and I am someone who reads lots of webcomics (seriously, I do, I should probably stop reading some of them but I don’t…) Anyway, since you said you would not mind MORE, I decided that I was obliged to pick the best ones I read. But then I was like, these are nice, but they’re on this list, these are cool, but I don’t know if they fit with the theme of what this site is going for, and so on, so then I decided to take a step back. I then realized that I knew some not-exactly-webcomics (internet sequential art with word but also reader suggestions?) that I love and would be perfect, so if you don’t mind reading one of those, I will drop the link here. All Night Laundry: This is simply amazing. The author updates almost every day, with reader suggestions, and the main character is a queer woman of color. There is also time travel. Superego: Great psychological story. Contains many different characters, including one trans character (I will not tell you who it is, because it is a reveal later in the story). Some more traditional webcomics (because I could not restrain myself, I apologize): Gaia: Cool Fantasy webcomic by creators of Sandra & Woo. Ménage à Trois (NSFW): Giz Lagacé’s webcomic about a bunch of canadians and their sex lives. First page contains Gary, who is a bit of a geek and kind of socially awkward, walking in on his (unknown-to-him) gay roommates having sex. He gets new roommates at short notice, hijinks ensue. There are two spinoffs if you like Giz’s work. Monsterkind: Cute webcomic with serious themes! Humans are racist against monsters. Main character is transferred to a district with a lot of monsters to work as a social worker. Contains queer and straight romance. Wilde Life: Lepas’s (author of Zap!) new project, about a man named Oscar Wilde (no relation) who moves out into the countryside for various reasons. Things are not as they seem, however, in the sleepy town of Podunk, and he finds himself in the middle of some strange happenings. Anyway, I see that I’ve written down a whole ton of things. This is what happens when I forget restraint. I hope you enjoy at least one of these, if you have the time to read them, and I look forward to seeing your reviews in the future as a fellow READS TOO MANY WEBCOMICS person. –Vancho

Damn Vancho, you really went all out. Maybe I should try to put a character limit on my contact form, haha. I will say this: I’m unlikely to read forum comics because I find the format difficult and frustrating to follow. Not to mention the fact that I have found the MSPA forums to be kind of toxic, sadly. But those do sound like interesting stories, and maybe some of my readers would enjoy them. I’ll add Gaia, Monsterkind, and Wilde Life to my reading list, but Ménage à Trois is one I’m already familiar with and I’m not willing to forgive the transmisogynist and cissexist jokes it pulls out early on. Yech.

Keep the messages coming! I love getting mail. Stay tuned for a new review this Sunday!

One comment on “Mail Bag #2, and some updates

  1. Hello, it’s me again! Please don’t put a character limit on the contact form, I promise I’ll be good.

    Anyway, as someone who frequents the MSPA forums, I’d like to pose the question, how exactly are they toxic? I myself only stick around the Forum Adventures section, which is semi-isolated from the rest (a bit of a community unto itself), so I don’t know what you are referring to.

    As for Ma3, you are right, of course, the early stuff can be offensive. I started reading the comic when I was somewhat less enlightened on these issues, so I completely understand that you would not wish to read it. I probably should drop some webcomics I read, to be honest, but I can’t really bring myself to do so. Ah, so it goes.

    I look forward to reading more from you in the future, and I hope you enjoy the webcomics you decided to take my advice on.

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