Mail Bag #16 – Sister Claire Edition

Hey friends, just a heads up, I’m skipping this week’s update. I kinda bit off more than I could chew with a gigantic, broad topic and my current draft just isn’t something that’s good enough to publish. I’d rather take the time to get this one right. Look for it on this coming Sunday.

In the meantime, let’s go through the mail! Which all seems to be about Sister Claire for some reason?

Kathinka writes:

Webcomic recommendation

Hello! I’m taking the liberty to suggest a webcomic to you, namely Sister Claire by LGBT+ couple Yamino and Ash Barnes. It is a colourful, humorous fantasy story that’s been going for a long time. The tone from the first book to the second changes quite a bit, however, the first book recently underwent some revamps. As far as I have seen, they make the story more coherent and shed some light on important characters and their relationships much earlier than before and so I feel now would be a perfect time to give this comic a go. Or perhaps a re-read, in case you have read it before and found it to not be for you. I would also strongly recommend reading the Missing Moments, beautifully written by Ash and illustrated by Yamino. The comic can stand alone, but in my opinion, you only get the full experience by catching up on these little stories that explore past events as well as characters. Although it is not advertised as an LGBT+ comic (and very seldomly, if ever, featured on compilation lists of these!), it is very much so. Word of god says the cast is made up exclusively of LGBT+ characters, although this topic has not been brought up for every character yet (personally I think Ash and Yamino strike a good balance between letting being LGBT+ be a part of their characters’ identity but not defining their entire existence) – another good reason to read the Missing Moments which explore these topics for some characters as well as new characters that have not (yet?) appeared in the comic. You can find everything at I hope you will find the opportunity to explore this lovely story and I wish you a wonderful week! All the best, Kathinka

After having this suggested a million times, I have begun attempting to catch up on Sister Claire. My reading list is starting to reach critical mass, though, so it takes me longer than it used to! Please bear with me.

Infected Blood writes:

That was embarrassing

Hi again, I believe I submitted my comic a couple of weeks ago without saying much about it. I also didn’t express enough how cool your review site really is. That’s what happens when I write on my phone, get interrupted, think I’ve done at least a decent job, and hit send. BS. So, let me apologize about that (it may have come through as rather impersonal and maybe even rude) and rectify both points. I found out about your site via Comic Fury and eagerly checked it out. There is an amazing lack of webcomic reviewes, and even fewer focus on LGBT material. I haven’t seen a full consensus regarding the reasons why there are so few reviewers out there, but given the degree of immaturity with which lots of comic artists/writers react to reviews, I believe that it takes guts to put themselves into the fray, risking a mob of angry authors piling up on you and picking you apart. So, this is (at least one of the reasons) why I believe comic artists/writers don’t give reviewes. Now, if you are not a comic artist/writer, love comics, read lots of them and are able to give your honest, articulated opinion in proper English, then you’re special and you SHOULD be a reviewer. And if you focus on LGBT and diversity issues, you’re gold. So, this is how much I appreciate your work. It’s truly needed and I love it. With that said, if you ever decide to review my comic, I’m more than ready to get your honest review and take it like an adult ๐Ÿ™‚ The Green-Eyed Sniper is a pilot comic for something much bigger to come. It focuses on women in love with each other, the secrets they hide even from themselves and their willingness to overcome diffidence and pain to become better people. All main characters belong to a hated species disparagingly called “infected blood”, due to a unfounded rumor according to which their blood would transmit diseases and having sexual intercourse with them would be lethal. So, these poor folks tend to stick together. However, while one of them is a pacifist, another one is an assassin and the third one is a war criminal, which perhaps doesn’t fully help with, hmm, loving them. But I won’t write any further, otherwise I’ll make the review myself ๐Ÿ™‚ Once again, thanks for your reviewes (being a ruthless bastard, I particularly enjoyed the hate week), I will keep on reading, regardless of what you decide to do with my comic. Cheers, Infected Blood

Hey, I didn’t get your submission then but I’ve got it now.ย Thanks for your kind words, I’ll check your work out when I get the chance!

Sam Caesar writes:

Possible theme suggestion

Would a theme of “magical girls/women” be an alright idea? Like if not necessarily magical girls/women in the anime genre context, then maybe just like webcomics staring women with heavy magic elements in them?

Interesting! The thought of doing a theme based on genre hadn’t occurred to me, but it might work. There are certainly a lot of magical girl comics out there… hmmm…

Cranky Cat writes:

Buster Wilde

Here’s a really, really old comic from 2000-2001 about a gay werewolf.ย (original soon-to-be-defunct url:

Well, you’ve definitely hit my weakness for webcomics history. I will check this out, as corny as it looks.

HT writes:


Check, Please! archive: first page: It’s about hockey players at a university, but you don’t need to know/care about sports to enjoy the comic. Has homo. Sister Claire first page: A fantasy story about a young nun who has destiny thrust upon her. The authors suggest reading the comic first, then the Missing Moments (short stories) for backstory. They’ve recently finished updating the art/writing in places throughout the first book. Many LGBT characters. Digger first page: An old favorite of mine! A wombat gets lost while tunnelling and ends up in an faraway land of magic and weirdness. She is understandably not happy about it. This comic is complete at ~800 pages.

I LOVE DIGGER OH MY GOSH!! I need to finish that completed comics list because Digger absolutely deserves a place on it.

anomymous writes:

about your what i read page!

hey–this is an extremely minor quibble, but in your review & what i read page entry for rock and riot, you don’t mention rolly, who is a trans woman (see:

Thanks! It’s fixed now. For real this time.

Diloolie writes:

Sister Claire~

I know I’ve messaged you about this one before, but the creators just went on twitter to say “LITERALLY EVERYONE IS QUEER” and I thought you’d want to know. ๐Ÿ˜€ Sister Claire is as gay as it gets. (And trans, too)

Clearly the people have spoken! I’ll try to get you clamoring masses a Sister Claire review sometime soon-ish.

That’s it for now, see you Sunday, thanks for reading!


4 comments on “Mail Bag #16 – Sister Claire Edition

  1. Lotta Sister Claire! I need to catch up on it too…

    I hope someday I can submit my comic here ’cause this’s probs my fav review site… Gotta make it happen first tho!!! Hard to submit things that don’t exist yet as it turns out DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!!

  2. Did the line breaks get stripped from my rec list up there when I sent it in? How does that contact form work? Does it read it like html?

  3. Thank you so much for taking my submission! Looking forward to your review, whenever it happens ๐Ÿ™‚

    I used to read Sister Claire, but lost track of it some time ago. It was a pretty cool comic, as I recall. I’ll have to catch up with my reading.

    And Terminus, go for it! Doing webcomics is and awesome passion and a great experience! Don’t wait too long!

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