Announcing Hate Week (and a mail bag)

You’ve seen the signs. We all have. When you go to the drug store, the grocery store, the student services office, everything’s… red. You’ve seen, with your own eyes, greeting cards with like, fuckin’ twitterpated doves on them or some shit. You can try to ignore it, but you can’t escape it. It’s here. Valentine’s Day.

Now, I’m a sap. A romantic. I love love just as much as the next monster, you know? But I’m more than a little cynical about the ol’ Valentimes. Blah blah commercialization blah capitalism blah blah heteronormativity blah blah blah societal pressure to find a mate blah blah BLAH, you get the point. The romance industrial complex has had February in its evil clutches for too long. I think it’s time for hate to have its day in the sun. Welcome to Hate Week.

There are webcomics we hate, and there are webcomics we love to hate. I’m talking about the really bad ones, the harmful and offensive ones, the ones with authors who are unrepentant assholes. This is their week, and I’ve got my red pen ready.

“But Wisp! What about that gentler future you were talking about?” Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on that philosophy! There are a number of ideas behind Hate Week, but arbitrary mockery and unconstructive rage are not among them. My main priorities are still helping readers know what to read and what to steer clear of and helping creators make better work. But no one learns anything from these webcomic train wrecks by ignoring them – I’m going to spend a lot of this week talking about the mistakes these creators make, and how to do better than they do.

Buuuuuuut I’m also a bitter and grudgeful person, and the shittalk builds up if I don’t let it out, so Hate Week is also gonna be something of a vacation from my strict code of constructive criticism. We all need a break every now and then right? I still don’t want to add to the culture of hypercriticism in webcomics, but I think some offenders are so egregious that there’s value in coming together – you know, as a community – to fucking roast them.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovebirds. Stay tuned for Hate Week, all you, hate, uh… hatebirds? Now it’s time for some mail.

Autumn writes:

Tag Update: Rock and Riot

Just a heads up, with the recent emphasis on Rolly, you can probably add the ‘trans women’ tag to Rock and Riot. (I’m assuming that this is the right place to mention things like that haha) Additionally, have you ever looked much at the works of Stan Stanley (who previously worked under the name ‘Sandra Vaughn’ I think?). She’s done a number of comics starring queer characters (Boy Meets Boy, Friendly Hostility, Other People’s Business, and most recently, Abernathy Square and The Hazards of Love). I know she’s been doing queer comics for what seems like forever, but I haven’t caught up with any of her recent stuff

Good call with the tag! This is definitely the right place to bring stuff like that, and I’ll fix it in a second here. As for Stan Stanley, I hadn’t heard of her, but she sounds worth checking out. Thanks.

Adina writes:

webcomic rec?

you have some webtoons listed in your “what i read” list so i figured this works too? “cheese in the trap” is an originally korean webcomic that i really like! (you can also read it on with a different translation, but its not caught up) official summary: “Having returned to college after a year long break, Hong Sul, a hard-working over-achiever, inadvertently got on the wrong side of a suspiciously perfect senior named Yoo Jung. From then on her life took a turn for the worse and Sul was almost certain it was all Yoo Jung’s doing. So why is he suddenly acting so friendly a year later?” warning: touches on homophobia (theres a case of Tragic Gays), classism, harassment, and some more blegh stuff; i think it deals with it pretty well, though.

I’ve seen Cheese in the Trap around, it seems quite popular. I’ll give it a look! Thanks for the suggestion.


Okay so this isn’t really in the spirit of Hate Week but bear with me. Last Sunday was an awful day in my life, and I asked folks on twitter to send me nice messages to cheer me up. It worked! Y’all are sweet and amazing and if I’m attracting people like you to my site, I must be doing something right. Below are all the responses I got; be warned, it’s a lot of love.

Adina writes:


im really glad to have found your website and i really love your reviews! thank you for all of your hard work!! as a nonbinary/gay 14 yr old its good to have people like you that i can sorta look up to and absorb knowledge on queer stuff from, haha. also, i love being able to get webcomic recommendations.

Adina! I’m so glad! Inter-generational exchange of queer and trans culture and history is hugely important to me; webcomics are a small fraction of a small fraction of that culture and history, but I hope I always do it justice.


Cody writes:


I only recently discovered yes homo, but I’ve gotta say: one thing that I’ve already come to love about it is the honesty and and thoroughness of the reviews. You’re doing a great job, and I look forward to following along from here on out!

Cody this is incredibly sweet! Thank you for reading, I won’t let you down!


Ruune writes:

<3 <3 <3

im sorry you are having a bad night! Just to let you know, your writing ABOUT webcomics is what usually gets me on the rails to work on my webcomic, and I try to take your reviews as cool building blocks to figure out how to write a better comic! I can’t wait to show you when I have more than 15 pages uploaded 🙂 -ruune

Ruune you are a total sweetheart. I can’t wait to see your comic!


Maxey writes:

Nice things 🙂

I love love love your site! I’ve been reading your reviews for months and you have given me so many good webcomics to read, and through it all I feel like I’ve gotten to know your personality as well, and you’re amazing and you do amazing reviews and just keep it up because yeshomo is awesome and so are you *lots of hugs*

Maxey… this means a lot to me. My autism and social anxiety make me nervous about how I come across, even in a less personal venue like this blog. I try to be compassionate, honest, and even-handed in everything I write, but people don’t always respond to that in kind, so it can make me doubt myself. Thank you for this affirmation.


Sage writes:


I wanted to thank you for not only having and running this site and helping us all connect with new media, but for giving feedback through your reviews and for being fantastic to interact with. I learned of you when you plugged our comic, and you’ve been giving support from that very moment. Ryan and I both genuinely appreciate all the interactions we have with you, big and small. You are kind and encouraging without ever sacrificing your opportunities to give actual critique, and we both feel that’s extremely important. You offer honest praise while still being clear about what needs work, and this gives authors and artists an opportunity to grow. It also makes your reviews feel complete and trustworthy. Thanks for being here, and we’re glad we met you. – Sage (and also Ryan)

No YOU’RE great! Sage and Ryan make a cute gay JRPG-inspired witch/knight comic that I’m very very excited about and you should be too! Please read it!

Oh my gosh I was crying when I got these and now I’m crying again. I have the best readers in the world, and I’m grateful for all of you. I feel… so loved… get ready… for Hate Week…



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