Zebra Girl


There’s a certain subset of webcomics that I’m going to call the Old Guard. These are comics that have been around since the early 2000s, survivors of a time when webcomics were… different. Different how, you ask? Well. Hmm. It’s honestly hard to explain to people who never experienced it, but I’ll try.



Some stories need to be told twice. Truly skilled writers can create worlds so rich, plots so intricate, and characters so deep that you can’t take them all in with just one telling; each subsequent reading reveals new details that you never noticed before. Other stories are simply too convoluted, or lack exposition, to fully understand what’s happening without a reread. Still others are just so enjoyable that they never get old, and multiple passes endear them closer to your heart.



There’s a special feeling that only we queers know. You know when you’re reading a story, and there’s a hint of two characters maybe being gay together ? You’re like “That would rule, but it won’t ever happen. I’m just seeing what I want to see,” but you keep reading because, I dunno, maybe the rest of the story is interesting enough to enjoy on its own merits or something weird like that.

Kicking off Yes Homo

Are you a queer who wants to read stories about queers? Are you sick of relying on “Best LGBT Movies/Comics/Books/Etc.” lists that only seem to include stories about white middle class gay angst? Are you a gay scifi/fantasy fan who wants to see yourself represented in genre fiction? Are you a trans person who wants to see, like, any sympathetic portrayal of trans characters, at all? Me too. Welcome to Yes Homo.