Dresden Codak


The fedora is fairly well-established as a symbol of the “men’s rights” “movement” (aka misogynists) and I think that’s great. It’s convenient to have a cultural shorthand for such things, not to mention having a specific uniform to tip you off to dudes best avoided. But MRAs are only one kind of misogynist douchebag, and I think that we should have a similar identifier for self-identified “male feminists” who use the language of anti-opression to hide their sexist, objectifying motivations.



I’ve said before that I would  never review Homestuck. Everyone has already read it, and if they haven’t they still have an opinion about it regardless. The market for Homestuck hot takes is pretty well saturated. Besides, no one even reads it anymore so who cares right? Is it even still updating? Isn’t it over?

Devil’s Candy


When Victor Frankenstein created life, he was unprepared for the consequences of it. The monster he created needed a parent, a teacher, a caregiver, but instead he abandoned it. The monster, learning to fear and hate through the necessities of survival, dedicates its life to vengeance upon its creator. But what if the doctor hadn’t left his creation to fend for itself? Would it have been better? Or would it have brought up a host of other uncomfortable issues and power dynamics?