Mail Bag #7

It’s been a while since I posted reader messages, and they’ve been piling up. Sorry! 

Purrs writes:


May I recommend Kimchi Cuddles? It’s “A webcomic spreading awareness about poly, queer, and genderqueer issues in the most hilarious way possible”. It’s not very story-based, although there are occasional developments; instead, (nearly?) every comic is a cute little thing with a positive message or a question, such as “Consent is only happening when everyone truly wants to be doing what they’re doing together,” “What’s a ‘normal family’?”, and “I always have enough partners AND there is always room for more love!” Among the recurring cast, there are many relationships of many kinds; among the twenty-seven people on the polycule chart, there are twenty-one current pairs of lovers, twelve former pairs of lovers who still seem to be on good terms, one asexual romance, and one something. It’s all very adorable and somehow manages to usually be heartwarming even when the characters are having trouble with their loved ones. NSFW every once in a while, but not majorly so. I was also going to suggest O Human Star, but I see you have that covered.

I’ll take a look, but generally this format of comic doesn’t hook me at all; I tend to find them a little too pat. I do wish there were more comics with queer polyamory in them though.

Hannah writes:

Comic suggestions!

I recently discovered these two comics by Der-shing Helmer. (There’s actually a distinct possibility that I discovered them through your site, but now I can’t remember and they’re not on your list. Better safe than sorry!) I could waste your time waxing poetic about how gut-wrenchingly wonderful I think these comics are, but I’d rather you spend that time reading them for yourself. Hope you enjoy! ^-^

I’ve read Mare Internum, but I couldn’t deal with the childhood sexual assault scene and stopped following it. I think Helmer is an excellent storyteller but often depicts scenes that are a little too real for me. I used to read The Meek back in the day; I didn’t know it was back!

caesar writes:

fan mail 2

I just want to thank you, i just finished reading riot and rock and I liked a lot, your review was petty in point PD:the last week you were looking for a twitter account relate to riot and rock right? because I found the account of the author

Oh gosh thanks for looking out! That’s really helpful. Thanks for reading!

Mothy writes:

What I Read

I was looking through your What I Read section and I thought that shouldn’t Gunnerkrigg Court have a m/m tag since Shadow and Robot are in a relationship?

You’re totally right! Shadow and Robot have been out of the comic for so long that I literally forgot about them. This is great, if anyone else has tagging quibbles please send them my way.

Wealthsimple writes:

You read Crow Cillers?

Hi, I’m a big fan of the site! I was wondering if you’d ever read any of Cate Wurtz’s work, since she’s sort of this big cult figure in the queer webcomics scene, or whatever. In particular I was wondering if you’d read her latest series, Crow Cillers, which has been running since 2013. The basic premise is a group of young girls find out that their school is run by this evil cult called the Order of the Crow that’s kidnapping kids, and they form a little group to investigate and sort of ineffectually fight against them, sort of like a weird depressed furry’s Gravity Falls. It’s in continuity with like every other comic she’s made, but I don’t think the specific details matter all that much, because a) it’s sort of cagey and cryptic in general, and b) it’s a lot more newcomer friendly than a lot of what came before it, lol. As for the gay shit, it starts off pretty chaste compared to Wurtz’s earlier work, probably due to the younger cast, but it ramps up considerably across “Season 2.” The PoC aspect’s kind of slippery because it’s a furry comic, but all indications are it’s like Arthur and they’re humans that are drawn as furries? One of the kids has dreads, I guess. It mostly depends on headcanon. The format’s sort of strange for a webcomic in that instead of being released one page at a time, it’s released chapter by chapter in individual .rars, with collections with bonus content after the end of each season. They come out on a monthly basis, but if you want to get them as they come out, you’ll have to back the Patreon. Download links are here: and the Patreon is here: If you did a write-up for this, I’d be really grateful. Thumbs up for promoting small queer artists!

Aaah thanks for reading! I’ve had a hard time getting into Cate Wurtz’s work in the past but I’ll give it another shot.

Wealthsimple also writes:

Small correction re: Band vs. Band

Your writeup on Band vs. Band lists Coco as Asian, but I believe she’s supposed to be Latina? She and Markus Martinez from Venus and the Angels are cousins. The panda hat kind of tripped me up, too!

You may be right! My interpretation was never meant to be taken as fact, just my best guess. I thought Jacques was drawing Coco and Turpentine both with monolids, coding them as East Asian, but it’s honestly a bit difficult to tell from her art style. I kind of wish the characters’ racial and ethnic backgrounds would come up in BvB like, ever, because it feels a little weird to have to guess. However I do want to point out that Asian and Latina are not mutually exclusive categories, and I also want to promise everyone that the panda hat in no way influenced my reading of the character’s race.

Thanks for reading, y’all. And if you haven’t seen it yet, my reading list is totally revamped with sortable tags now, so it’s super easy to find something to read!



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