Hate Week wrap-up

That’s it for Hate Week, friends! I hope you all had as much fun as I did. If you want to relive the memories, or have a convenient link to share the hate with your frenemies, I’m gonna briefly recap the last seven days under the cut.

Day 1: Homestuck

Starting off the week right with a deconstruction of the faults of everyone’s least favorite fave. Probably gentler than it deserves.

Day 2: Dresden Codak

You all knew this one was coming. You found my site and thought “I can’t wait for them to do a takedown of noted ass Aaron Diaz.” Well, the wait is over. This review coined the term “waistcoat” for male fauxminists, which I’m hoping catches on.

Day 3: plebcomics

Why did I voluntarily dredge this shit up from the depths of tumblr’s memory? What lesson, what possible benefit could I have seen in it? Well buddy, those are tough questions, and I don’t know if I have answers for them. Just… just click the link.

Day 4: Chick Tracts

This is a webcomic? Technically, yes, it’s one of the oldest. If you ever doubted how much I hate fundamentalists, well, here you go.

Day 5: Goblins

The worst of the D&D metagame webcomics, made worse by the fact that it ruins the best premise. Careful not to cut yourself on that edge. This review is gone. Click the link to read about why.

Day 6: DAR

The return of my beloved* Erika Moen diss review, which I voluntarily took down a while back because I didn’t like the tone of it. Now it’s back, with fewer personal attacks and more concrete criticisms.

Day 7: Slacker Gamer Comics

That’s right, all of them. I was gonna split them up, but I realized I didn’t have anything different to say about any of them, because they’re all clones of each other.

*by me

Anyway I think I’m getting the hang of this theme week thing, so look forward to more in the future – or drop me a line to suggest a theme you’d like me to tackle! No review today, though; I’m taking the day off after all the writing I did this week. See you next Sunday!

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