Hiatus (again)

Hey friends, I’ll cut to the chase: I gotta take some time off again. I’m on a new medication, and while it’s helping me in certain ways, it’s making it very difficult to write. I don’t think I’ll be gone more than a few weeks; I just need a chance to adjust to the new chemical soup my brain is swimming in! Thanks for bearing with me, and feel free to keep commenting and sending in submissions and other messages. I love y’all, take care.


Addendum: Coding and Inclusion

I intended the Addenda feature to be used to revisit old reviews long after their initial publication, not post reader reactions or edits of things. But one message I got the other night deserves to be both addressed and highlighted, so the use of an addendum seems to make the most sense. 


Coding and Inclusion

Those of you who have read my Poppy O’Possum review know that I have strong opinions about coding – the practice of associating fictional characters with real-world groups of people through the use of “coded” traits. That’s a definition that’s almost so broad as to be meaningless, though! So let’s talk more about coding and its relationship to representation.

Okay that’s enough

Thanks for the data everyone. I think the spam plugin is the source of my problem, but it’s a LOT more sophisticated than I thought, so while I learned a lot from this method of testing, I don’t think we’re gonna replicate the problem with fake comments. Please go back to your normal commenting behaviors, and also please please PLEASE let me know if you have an error so I can check the error log and see what’s up. In the meantime, I’ll be looking into a different plugin, but maybe we can still make this one work.

Keep Spamming Me

This is great, I’m getting lots of data. So far it’s clear that the filter blocks comments that are too short (under 15 characters or so) but I know people have had longer comments blocked, so lets try some longer test comments. Try using lipsum.com/feed/html to quickly generate blocks of text! Keep em coming!